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How To Make Furniture That Will Sell Itself

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It was always discussed about the recession, economic slow downwhen ever I met Furniture manufacturers across various shows and in India also. Whenever we discussed about the furniture business in India, it was told that the business is becoming very competitive, profits are shrinking and the skilled workers availability is becoming very hard. These are [...]

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How to make best use of Spindle Molder

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In today’s scenario we see that small-scale woodworking industry is facing lot of challenges like profitability, productivity, Quality, time delays and tensions etc. It has become very difficult to survive in the high competitive market.  I was recently told during a seminar in south India that the younger generation is not interested in taking forward [...]

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Six Mistakes that Wood Joinery Factories Should Avoid

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Six Mistakes that Wood Joinery factories should avoid The Economic slowdown has compelled woodworking industry to transformation of strategy in order to improve the working and profitability. The best way to do this is to think in a different way and find new methods of working. Neglecting or ignoring the crisis , just like the [...]