We see that most of the furniture factories do undertake the financial audit in order to see the financial situation and the performance of the company. This helps them in planning for the future actions and projections. It is also seen that his helps the company a lot in expansions and growth. The main revenue for the factory is generated from the manufacturing facility they have installed.

Unfortunately there are very few factories that audit their “ Manufacturing Process ”. One may wonder what is this “ Manufacturing Process Audit ”.

Manufacturing Process Audit means a systematic study of each and every work done, whether it is small or big work, that is done in the process of the manufacturing of the furniture. This is then compared with the correct standard process that is efficient, profitable and fast. Finally it examines the acts and decisions by people who are responsible for quality-productivity, in order to independently evaluate and report the degree of compliance to operational requirements of the production program.

The main objective of the entire process is to determine the extent to which the planned production process and capacity is ultimately achieved. This also informs the management about the exact working of the factory floor with minute details like -the processes that need improvement, the wastage of time and material, any of the processes that can be avoided which will improve working.

Benefits of Manufacturing Process Audit:

  • Helps the factories to monitor the corrective actions required to eliminate problems.
  • Manufacturing Process Audit assists the factories to see that no new problems will arise in the manufacturing process.
  • Helps factories to find a solution for the problems.
  • Improves working standard.
  • Improves manufacturing process.
  • Acts as a powerful tool for continuous improvement.
  • Helps the factory to assess their overall performance.

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